How to order FOTOBLOX

How to order FOTOBLOX step by step

Step 1.
Choose the style of FOTOBLOX you like.

Select PRETO for a defined black edge.

Select BRANCO for a modern white edge

Black and white edges of fotoblox compared
Click customise button to start editing FOTOBLOX

Step 2.
Click the customise button

Step 3.

Click the Upload Image Tab

On your device the upload image tab is below the FOTOBLOX

Step 4.
Choose to upload from your device.

You can also upload images from Facebook and Instagram.

Step 5.
Stretch the size of your image to fit the FOTOBLOX.

Grab the small arrows at the lower right side to expand or contract the picture.

Stretch image to fit using corner handles
Drag image to position you like

Step 6.
Click and hold to drag image around into a position you like.


Step 7.
Add to Cart when you are happy with your FOTOBLOX

When happy add to cart
Continue shopping until you have added all images to the cart

Step 8.
Choose continue shopping to add more FOTOBLOX.

You can buy one or two FOTOBLOX but when you buy three or more get FREE shipping Australia wide.

Step 9.
Checkout when ready.

We process payments via Paypal and Eway.

We accept payments using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Paypal.

Checkout when you are happy with all your FOTOBLOX selections
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